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I used to be a night owl when I was younger.  Sometimes I went to sleep at sunrise.  I thought that was my nature and I liked the quietness of the night. After I got married, my husband decided to go to work really early so he can come back early.  So we agreed to try to wake up at 4a.m.  It took us about a couple of weeks to get used to the time but it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  My working schedule is from sunrise to sunset.  A few days ago, after I finished working, I was about to close the blinds. I saw a beautiful sunset and birds on a bare tree through the window.  This fiery sunset always makes me relaxed.  It’s time for slowing down and closing for the day.

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Project: 10 Year #73


Project: 10 Year



His hair was getting too long for a nice afro. He started tying it in a bun. It was mostly my job. At first, it was difficult to gather all of the hair in my hand. Eventually, I got used to it, I could do it pretty fast. Usually, I tied it before his hair was fully dry. It was easier to manage it that way. When you tie your hair when it’s wet, it holds the shape well.

Every night when he untied his hair, it looked like fire. It was so cool looking, he said he wishes his hair stayed like that all the time.

The sunset was nice on the way back to our hotel after a long day preparing for the trip to Japan. I was very excited about the new chapter of our life.

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Project: 10 Year #60


Project: 10 Year



After we got married I started to cook most of the Korean food that I crave.  One thing I don’t cook at home was Korean barbeque.  Cleaning many dishes is one thing but the smell trapped in the house is a bit too much.

Here is me cooking the barbeque at one of our favorite Korean restaurants in Virginia, that is now closed.  This restaurant wasn’t specialized for barbequing so the experience was a bit odd, it was too quiet, but it satisfied my craving.  In Korea, barbeque places are usually very crowded and lively. So much smoke in the air.  A lot of talking and drinking is happening.  I miss that atmosphere sometimes.

After a good meal, we took a longer route to go back home.  The sunset over the river was beautiful.

Have you had a Korean barbeque?  Thinking about it makes me want to have some!

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Project: 10 Year #50


Project: 10 Year



Here is another picture of me with a movie photo stand.  Even though it wasn’t the movie we were going to watch, I was so happy to take a picture.  Going to a movie theater was my regular activity when I was in Korea.  Korea has a lot of movie theaters and movies have may play times.  I noticed in Japan there are not so many play times and it’s a bit frustrating for me to choose the time from such a small selection.  Also when they play foreign animation, they do voice overs most of the time.  Some movie theaters play with no voice overs, but I found it wasn’t very common.  So, every time a new animation comes out, I can’t watch it in the theater.  But tomorrow, I have a movie date with my husband.  We’re watching Dead Pool 2.  One of our favorite Marvel series.  I’m so excited!

When I was living in New Jersey, I took Amtrak to Virginia many times.  I got on the train around 2 a.m. and slept the whole trip.  I sometimes caught the sunrise from my window.  I also saw the sunset when I went back to NJ.  The sunrise made me happy I would see my husband soon, and the sunset made me sad I wouldn’t see him for awhile.

Planes provide faster travel, but trains also has their own romance.

My longest train ride in the states was from New York to Chicago.  How far have you gone by train?

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Project: 10 Year #44


Project: 10 Year



I usually don’t like taking a nap.  Not because I don’t like napping, but it affects my regular sleep at night.  Having a short nap after a fun and active day is a very nice thing though.

After we had so much fun at the beach, I napped hard.  I woke up around sunset, and we went out for dinner.  I love the time of sunset and sunrise.  Refreshed by good rest, sunset felt like the sunrise as our day was restarting.

Do you like taking a nap?

Recently I learned that sleep is very important to our overall health.  Less than six hours of sleep could lead to a decade shorter lifespan. It also can cause cancer and Alzheimer.  I usually sleep a good amount.  Now I try not to miss a good night sleep every day.

Sleep well, everyone!

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Project: 10 Year #34


Project: 10 Year



It was late January.  I was back in the U.S.  The new semester just started and I was getting busy.  My husband told me that he had a business trip to Hawaii.  When he arrived in Hawaii, he did his work and got some days off to enjoy the island.  He asked me if I wanted to join him.  I got surprised by his sudden suggestion.  But I really wanted to go so I told my teachers and got generous understandings.  I flew to the island shortly after and met my husband.  I landed around sunset.  The sunlight reflecting on the vast airport ground was so shiny and beautiful.  My husband said he wasn’t thinking about inviting me over.  But the island was so beautiful, he wanted to enjoy it with me.  It was the most surprising event I got from my husband.  He bought a hat there for the extreme sunlight.  I posed with that hat and I looked like a witch, but a very happy one.

I remember when I was checking in at the airport to fly to Hawaii.  The lady at the checking account said she was jealous of me.  I hope she got a nice vacation shortly after.

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Drawing 03/24/2015

Sunset in Seoul Korea.


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Drawing 03/13/2015

Sunset in Seoul Korea.


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Drawing 12/30/2014

Sunset in Japan.


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Drawing 11/02/2014

The November sky.


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Drawing 10/11/2014