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Goodbye Winter


We had snow for over a month this year.  I love the snow.  When I saw the snow piling up, I was so excited.  But when it didn’t stop for a month, we started having some inconveniences.  Many days my husband couldn’t even go to work.  The sidewalk was covered with heavy de-icer burning my dog’s paws.  We couldn’t open the patio door.  Almost every single person I met agreed it was enough with the snow.

Now, all the snow melted away.  Everywhere I see green instead of white.  Ironically I already miss the snow.  I loved watching the snow fall quietly from the patio door that I couldn’t open.  I miss the crispy footsteps of me and my dog.  I liked to stand still and enjoy the silence at the park while walking my dog.  I enjoyed watching him take a nap in front of the fireplace.  My husband was all about the big icicles.  I was happy to warm the house up before he coming home so he could relax right away.

But for now, it’s time to let the winter go and welcoming the spring.
So, goodbye winter.

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Project: 10 Year #84


Project: 10 Year



Back in Japan, we started house hunting and other stuff for settling down in Japan.  My husband still hadn’t started working yet, so we decided to enjoy our free time until we couldn’t any longer.

We visited the nearby park again and this time we rented bicycles.  We rode them pretty freely since almost no one was in the park.  The winter wind made my face so cold and stiff.  I haven’t ridden a bicycle for a long time.  I was very excited.

We enjoyed our quiet yet exciting time until we heard the closing announcement.

The next day, we had snow.  It was perfect timing for a snuggle after our bicycle venture.

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Drawing 01/30/2015

Finally some descent snow.


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After Snow

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Snow in New Jersey

I still love snow. :)

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Even though it is super cold, I love the warm feeling of winter.

It is snowing. Good night. :-)

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Snow day

Snow in NJ. view from my bed :)

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Sunset after Snow

I love winter and it is getting closer!