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Sleeping Dingo Dreaming Of The Hiking (and more)

iPad drawing 2020

Early fall last year, we went to Mount Lillian Loop trail of Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in Washington. The beginning of the route was a bit hard to find. Thankfully we met very nice people at the campground who showed us a map and the direction.

It was about a seven-mile trail, but it got longer because we kept going out of the path. A couple of sections of the course didn’t have enough trees to protect us from the sun. Because of these unexpected hiccups, the hike was more difficult than we imagined. In the end, we had to stop pretty often, and every time we did, Dingo lay down next to our feet.
But I loved the trail. Burnt trees from the fire back in 2012 made the forest feel eerie. Occasionally We met a bunch of colorful flowers. Intense-colored flowers on mostly dusty roads made it surreal.

When we finally finished the hiking and spotted our car, Dingo was ready to hop on. He started whining and pulling the leas so hard towards the car.

The road to the trail was narrow, and one side was next to a cliff. Many off-road vehicles were coming to the trail when we were leaving. We had to wait at a corner to be safe. It was a bit of a wait but fun to look at all the different cars.

When we got home, all of us took a nice long nap. After my husband and I woke up, Dingo followed us but decided to sleep more on his bed. I was looking at him, wondering if he was dreaming about the hike—so many smells to sniff for him from the trees, flowers, dirt, and small animals. I enjoy taking Dingo to mountains or flatland trails. I can see him being extra happy in those environments. I’m not sure when, but I’m already looking forward to our next hiking.

Dingo walking on a narrow path surrounded by pink flowers, 2020
Acrylic and pencil on clay board 8″ x 10″ (20.32 x 25.4 cm)

After a couple of days from the hike, I made this small painting of Dingo walking on a narrow path surrounded by pink flowers. This scene was the most memorable area for me from the trail.

I also made Day Color paintings about the hike. I fear height, so I couldn’t go close to the cliff to take a good picture or video at the peak. But I took a nice picture of my husband. Drawing and painting only from the memories have a charm that making art from a photograph doesn’t have.

I hope everyone has a beautiful week!

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Garden of the cabin in Monroe

Early this year, my husband and I and our dog had a short trip to Monroe, Washington, for our anniversary. We rented a lovely cabin with a good-sized garden. Early morning the next day, I went out to the porch with some hot coffee. The rain was drizzling. The cold, wet morning made my coffee tastier. I sat at a table watching my dog exploring the new place and certainly had an urge to paint. I set my small painting kit up and painted the center of the garden. While I was painting, my dog kept asking me to throw his ball for him. I always have a hard time ignoring my dog’s play invite; it’s my weak spot. Thankfully he moved on to sniffing, and I could manage to finish the painting. Painting outside is pretty new to me. It quickly became my must-do thing when I go on vacation, especially if I stay at a quiet place like this. (Even though there was a helicopter hovering forever somewhere near us.) My husband joined me at the end of the painting process. Watching him playing with our dog put a smile on my face. Small memories like this will give me the strength to live day by day a bit happier. What memories do you have that help you to push through your life? I hope everyone can feel today as the day that will make the next day happier.

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Project: 10 Year #100


Project: 10 Year



It finally came to the end. It’s been a long journey. It took me almost exactly one year. This project was harder than I expected. Not only because of the amount of work I had but dealing with my emotions. Like any other relationship, we have ups and downs. When things are icy between us, it was hard to work. I pushed myself to do it. While I was concentrating and thinking about the moment we took the pictures, I forgot why I was so upset. And I was able to look past my stupidity. It was therapeutic.

This project taught me about our relationship a lot. Where we started and where we are heading. We grew older during this time. One year doesn’t seem long. But each year, we were different and it piled up as a decade.
It’s still amazing to me that we met as strangers and became the most important people to each other. We have way more time left together than what we’ve already experienced. I’m very excited and grateful for our future.

I hope you enjoyed my project. If you had any chance to reflect on your own life and relationships, that’d be my honor. I’ll keep creating and try to share with you.

Thank you.

You can see the project from the beginning here: Here!

Artist statement for the project is on my website.

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Project: 10 Year #95


Project: 10 Year



When we were living in our small temporary house, I used to be woken up by the delicious smell of his Carbonara.  He modified the recipe few times to adjust to our taste. Now I don’t order the dish at restaurants anymore.  For me, his Carbonara is the best.
He likes to cook Italian food.  He started to cook more dishes.  The last time on my birthday, he cooked a full Italian course meal for me.  It was the best birthday meal ever.

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Project: 10 Year #94


Project: 10 Year



During weekends we usually hang around on our couch.  Even though we don’t do something together, we like to be next to each other.  When we were buying the couch, we discussed the size for a while.  Smaller and cheaper one versus bigger and a bit more expensive one.  We went for a big one and it was definitely a good choice.

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Project: 10 Year #93


Project: 10 Year



I’m a big fan of cooking.  And I try to cook breakfast for my husband most days.  Sometimes though, especially on the weekends, I just want to curl up on the couch.  Then, it’s time for delivery food.

We don’t have many choices.  We rotate the menu between pizza, curry, fried chicken, and Mc Donalds. We try to eat healthy food, but it’s fun to order food from time to time.

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Project: 10 Year #92


Project: 10 Year



I really like when my husband comes over and kisses and hugs me in the kitchen.  We often talk next to the staircase.  It is like our standing bar.  When I’m cooking, we start drinking a bit and he stands next to it and talks to me.  That is one of my favorite things.


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Project: 10 Year #89 and 90



Project: 10 Year


#89 and 90/100

We like to stay in the house and hang out with each other.  But one thing we like to do outside is hiking.  We bought a book of hiking courses that can be reached by train.

We usually take the first train and hike for about 3 hours and come back around noon.  I often cook Korean spicy fried chicken at night.  Since we spend a lot of calories, we can have this fatty food with a bit less guilt.

I love hiking. Even though I have a fear of bugs, I like to listen to the sound of nature in the mountains.  In the early morning, we can enjoy our surroundings without hearing other people’s voices.  We took a break from hiking this summer.  I can feel the temperature starting to drop.  We should pack our bags and go hiking soon.

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Project: 10 Year #86, 87, and 88


Project: 10 Year


#86, 87, and 88/100

We found a new house fairly quickly.   I loved the house almost immediately.  The real estate agent was a Korean, it was a nice surprise for me, and he helped us a lot through the process.

After we moved in, we went to the U.S. to bring our stuff from the storage facility.  It took about two months to get everything in Japan.  So we didn’t have much in the house for a while.

I loved seeing the light come into the empty house.  It felt like the light was filling the house so I wasn’t feeling lonely while my husband was at work.

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Project: 10 Year #85


Project: 10 Year



It was a very special day.   We went to a local city hall in Japan and registered our marriage.  When we were waiting for the document to go through, we saw a sign behind us saying: illegal marriage is a crime.

It was a snowy day which is not common in Tokyo.  I was excited about my first snow as his wife and him as my husband.  We’ve been girlfriend and boyfriend for over seven years.  We still consider the first day we met as the most important anniversary of ours.

When we were going back home, the snow started to change to rain.  We were waiting for the bus to go home.  On the way back, we bought a small cake to celebrate our special day.

I like our expressions, like nothing is going on.  But we were very happy that we were together.



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Project: 10 Year #84


Project: 10 Year



Back in Japan, we started house hunting and other stuff for settling down in Japan.  My husband still hadn’t started working yet, so we decided to enjoy our free time until we couldn’t any longer.

We visited the nearby park again and this time we rented bicycles.  We rode them pretty freely since almost no one was in the park.  The winter wind made my face so cold and stiff.  I haven’t ridden a bicycle for a long time.  I was very excited.

We enjoyed our quiet yet exciting time until we heard the closing announcement.

The next day, we had snow.  It was perfect timing for a snuggle after our bicycle venture.

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Project: 10 Year #83


Project: 10 Year



My eleven-year-old dog (now fourteen) was scared of everything.  He used to bark at everyone visiting the house who he didn’t know.  When I was living with him and my folks, I didn’t know how to train dogs.  I tried to stop him from barking but it never worked.

When my husband went over to my folk’s house for the first time, my dog was barking at his every movement.  I put my dog between my husband and me.  He was shivering so hard but about a half hour later, he stopped shivering and finally lay down and relaxed.

After that day, he never barked at my husband and my brother in law.

During training and when he was still scared of being close to my husband, I took a picture of the two.  My husband made a funny yet evil face.  My dog looked like he was pretending didn’t know about the evil behind him.
Around this time, Chungae stream (청계천) had colorful decorations.  I like these kinds of touches in cities.  If we don’t have them, cities would be so boring.

I’m planning to visit Korea later this year.  I can’t wait to see my dog.