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Project: 10 Year #80


Project: 10 Year



One rainy night, we got raincoats from a local convenient store and walked around in the rain.  I could feel and hear the rain better without an umbrella.  All the light bounced off the wet ground.  It was very beautiful.  I spotted a pinkish house with no windows or doors.  The gentle shadow of the tree was soothing the mean pink wall.

It was a fun night.

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Project: 10 Year #79


Project: 10 Year



We started living in an apartment that was rented for travelers.  It was very small but better than living in the hotel, so we moved in.  We couldn’t get a normal house because we didn’t have the proper visa yet.  It was an interesting experience.  In the beginning, we chilled in the house.  It was nice being home even though it was tiny.  Eventually, we had to stretch our legs out and started walking around the neighborhood.

It was late autumn.  The sunset came earlier.  I was taking pictures and captured him right before he knelt down to tie his shoes.  Even though it was a bit chilly, the sunlight bouncing off his back made me feel warm.

Somewhere close to our place, we met this giant Totoro tree.  It was literally the My Neighbor Totoro.


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Project: 10 Year #77


Project: 10 Year



One day we decided to take a train and go to the last stop.  We ended up in a small village surrounded by mountains.  We followed a hiking path little bit until a sudden shower dropped.  We found a spot under some trees to block the rain.  I had a hoodie so I put my handkerchief on his head.

The village was very quiet, it almost felt like a ghost town.  But from time to time I encountered small things that reminded me of life.  Smoke was escaping from chimneys and cats were sleeping in the street.  When we were about to go back, we could see people coming back from work too.

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Project: 10 Year #76


Project: 10 Year



When we arrived in Japan, the first thing we ate was Japanese curry.  I was enjoying my curry until I saw a small fly.  I’m a bug-phobic. I’m so scared of bugs, I have very sharp eyes for them.  My husband was taking pictures of me and caught my stone face and body.

I think it’s ridiculous that I’m scared of tiny bugs, but I can’t help it.  I sometimes think about doing a project on bugs so I can get over the fear but I’m not ready yet.  It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

At that time we didn’t have a long-term visa, we couldn’t get a house.  So we stayed at a hotel near the base that we know well. Even though the hotel room was pretty small, it was nice to see the streets from higher up.



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Project: 10 Year #39


Project: 10 Year



I used to be a tomboy.  From elementary school until early high school, my hair was always short.  Even after I started growing my hair longer, I had to cut it short from time to time.  When I first met my husband I could tie my hair in a very short ponytail.  I don’t know why I decided to grow it so long, but I didn’t cut it for about two years.

My hair got so long that it was pretty heavy for me.  I wanted to cut it.  Then I remembered I saw something about donating hair somewhere.  I found an organization in Korea that collecting donated hair and make wigs for pediatric cancer patients.  I asked my husband to cut my hair and sent to the organization.  It was my first hair donation and since then I’ve been regularly donating.

In Korea, this bible quote is very popular.  Most people know about it even if they are not Christians.

‘Do not let your right hand know what your left hand does.’

I agree with this quote most of the time.  But I talk about hair donation fairly often to others.  Many people don’t know they can help kids with their hair.  I think it should be a very common thing.  Many of us, especially girls, grow hair out and cut it so many times throughout the lifetime.  If we always consider donating the wasted hair, we could help so many kids who need them.

After cut my hair, my husband posed with it like pigtails.  We went out to drive later that day.  I felt so light.  My lifted mood made me enjoy the driving even more.

I went to a hair salon in Korea shortly after.  The hair designer was surprised how well he cut my hair.

I’m growing my hair for my 4th donation.  I think maybe late this year or early next year I can cut it again.  I’m very much looking forward to donating my hair and having short hair again.

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Project: 10 Year #38


Project: 10 Year



On another one of our driving days, we saw a pretty big bridge from far away.  We decided to go and check it out.  I have a fear of heights.  I can’t even jump from something such as a desktop or something.  When we were in Hawaii, we went to a small waterfall and jumped from a cliff.  It took me about 30 minutes till finally jumped into the water.

On the bridge, I tried not to look down.  But it’s always hard not looking down from such place.  I was pretty happy that I was on it though.  I posed like I accomplished something big.

It was nice early summer.   Everything was so bright and vivid.  Bright sunlight reflected on the white wildflowers and made them shine.  I want to visit this bridge again someday.

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Project: 10 Year #37


Project: 10 Year



Many days when we drove through mountain roads, the weather was either cloudy or rainy.  We loved hearing rain hitting the windshield while listening to nice music.  One mountaintop had an observatory.  It was too foggy so we couldn’t see much of the view.  The surrounding area was so beautiful though.  All the thin tall trees were hiding and sticking out in the fog.

One night the rain was pouring hard.  We were driving next to a river.  We saw so many small rocks on the road.  Shortly after, we realized that those were not rocks but frogs.  It was a horrifying experience.  We felt so bad.  We still talk about those innocent frogs that died that night from time to time.

I’d name the drawing of my husband as ‘The frog killer’.

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Project: 10 Year #36


Project: 10 Year



One time we drove along a route, we ended up at a dinosaur museum in the middle of nowhere.  We didn’t go in but took some pictures with a tyrannosaurus statue.  We took the route many times more and every time we reached the museum, we stopped and took pictures again with the same statue.  I played around with this brachiosaurus-like statue.  I tried to pose my hands like tyrannosaurus’ feet but failed.

I love seeing small shrines in the middle of mountain roads.  They usually have something red and they are very eye-catching among green trees.

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Project: 10 Year #33


Project: 10 Year



After my husband got a car, we went for a drive almost everytime we got a chance.  We don’t like crowded places but love to see new things.  Driving around is perfect for us.  We drove around the countryside of Japan without a map or GPS.  Many times we just followed one road without a destination.  One time we ended up at the top of a mountain.  Even though there was no snow where we started, the top had quite a bit of it.  We took some pictures and continued driving down the same road.  On the opposite side of the mountain, we arrived at a small town with many tiny vineyards.  Unknowingly, we discovered a great grape town!

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Project: 10 Year #32


Project: 10 Year



When we went to Kotoku-in Temple to see the Great Buddha, we had to take a pretty long train ride.  On the train, my husband pointed at something outside.  I turned around to look but for some reason, I turned looked over my other shoulder to see, so eventually, I had to turn over 180 degrees to see it.  I don’t even remember what it was but I remember so well how much we laughed together after my silly act.

Kotoku-in Temple was nice.  The size of the Great Buddha was amazing.  A kind man offered to take our picture, and he took it very nicely.  When it was getting dark, the temple started to turn on the lights above our heads.  Orange light against the dark blue sky told us it’s time to go home.

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Project: 10 Year #31

Project: 10 Year



In Japan, I’m inspired by small city views, especially with power lines.  In Korea, where I’m from, don’t have a lot of power lines on the street.  It was a relatively new area in Seoul, so they put most of them underground.  In Japan, the power lines cross the roofs and sky all around the country.  They look chaotic but also harmonized.  One of my favorite scenes in Japan is the contrast of black wires against sunrise or sunset.

I saw this view in Kamakura. I also took a picture of my husband posing for me in Kotoku-in Temple.

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城山茶屋(Shiroyamachaya) on Mt.Takao

There are several hiking courses on Mt. Takao. It was our second time climbing the mountain and we chose a different route than the first time. We didn’t have any information on this small mountain restaurant so it was a very pleasant surprise.


This restaurant had many delicious foods. We didn’t eat anything but I know because the smell of curry was great.


We didn’t want to eat but we had to have this Japanese traditional soda ラムネ (ramune).
Before we got married, when my husband was stationed in Japan as an air force serviceman, we saw this drink pretty often compared to today. It usually is drunken in the summer so it is easier to find then. They usually have good flavors like any other sweet sodas, but if you encounter the curry one, avoid it. I got it on sale from my local store. When we tasted it, we knew why they were on sale.

Here is my drawing of the ラムネ(ramune) we had at the mountain restaurant.



There were two cats chilling around the restaurant. Even though they were on a mountain, they looked like they have been feed good.



I’m more of a dog person but I don’t deny that cats are so cute!
I thought she/he was nice with pink.




While hiking, I saw this purplish-black butterfly on a white flower. I have a fear of insects so I usually avoid them but the contrast of these two things was so nice.


After we reached the bottom, we passed a small town to get to a train station. When we were passing a house I noticed this very small nest under their roof. Tiny birds were crowded in there. They were so still, I had to wait for a while to check if they were real. What a life!






We haven’t gone hiking for a while. Now the weather is warming up. I want to start hiking again! I’m sad that Winter is over though.