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Sleeping Dingo Dreaming Of The Hiking (and more)

iPad drawing 2020

Early fall last year, we went to Mount Lillian Loop trail of Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in Washington. The beginning of the route was a bit hard to find. Thankfully we met very nice people at the campground who showed us a map and the direction.

It was about a seven-mile trail, but it got longer because we kept going out of the path. A couple of sections of the course didn’t have enough trees to protect us from the sun. Because of these unexpected hiccups, the hike was more difficult than we imagined. In the end, we had to stop pretty often, and every time we did, Dingo lay down next to our feet.
But I loved the trail. Burnt trees from the fire back in 2012 made the forest feel eerie. Occasionally We met a bunch of colorful flowers. Intense-colored flowers on mostly dusty roads made it surreal.

When we finally finished the hiking and spotted our car, Dingo was ready to hop on. He started whining and pulling the leas so hard towards the car.

The road to the trail was narrow, and one side was next to a cliff. Many off-road vehicles were coming to the trail when we were leaving. We had to wait at a corner to be safe. It was a bit of a wait but fun to look at all the different cars.

When we got home, all of us took a nice long nap. After my husband and I woke up, Dingo followed us but decided to sleep more on his bed. I was looking at him, wondering if he was dreaming about the hike—so many smells to sniff for him from the trees, flowers, dirt, and small animals. I enjoy taking Dingo to mountains or flatland trails. I can see him being extra happy in those environments. I’m not sure when, but I’m already looking forward to our next hiking.

Dingo walking on a narrow path surrounded by pink flowers, 2020
Acrylic and pencil on clay board 8″ x 10″ (20.32 x 25.4 cm)

After a couple of days from the hike, I made this small painting of Dingo walking on a narrow path surrounded by pink flowers. This scene was the most memorable area for me from the trail.

I also made Day Color paintings about the hike. I fear height, so I couldn’t go close to the cliff to take a good picture or video at the peak. But I took a nice picture of my husband. Drawing and painting only from the memories have a charm that making art from a photograph doesn’t have.

I hope everyone has a beautiful week!

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[iPad Drawing] Sleeping Two Faces Dingo

Sleeping two faces Dingo


Sometimes I fail to capture Dingo’s particular sleeping pose because he moves quiet bit while sleeping.  It could be pretty frustrating but I always try to work with the unexpected hiccups. He moved his head slightly when I was drawing this.  So I gave him two faces! :)




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A dog in a bag

A while ago, I received a photo from my mom.  She was working on our country house and our dog wanted to follow her which he usually does.  The area had some snakes and bugs that are bad for dogs.  Since our dog wanted to be close to my mom she put him in her bag and carried him around. 
He doesn’t look comfortable but he’s definitely happy. I think it’s very interesting to see how much dogs want to be with their owners. 
I miss him so much! My mom and dad too. :) 

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A man thinking

A man thinking.


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Quick Drawing before bed.


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Blurry Night

Sometimes I like the fact that the world looks blurry without my glasses. 
I don’t want to have surgery because I’m scared. (My eye sight isn’t too bad either.)  
Having a pair of glasses all the time can be annoying but I enjoy looking at things without it. 
I looked at buildings at night and I liked the way the lights were. It was very soothing. 
I put my glasses on then the image disappeared. 
I wanted to capture the image I saw without glasses so I drew without them. 
Well, I don’t want my eye sight to get worse though! Must keep them healthy! 

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Peaceful moment in a temple in Korea.

Peaceful moment in a temple in Korea.
We are living in a very noisy life.  So many things we have make sounds, either white noises or loud sounds. Your smart phone rings too many different notices, your refrigerator growls all day long, your neighbor plays loud music, and sometimes jets or helicopters fly above you with great sound.
As with many people, sounds around me don’t bother me most of time.  I realize how I appreciate the simple quiet moments only when I’m in a situation like that.  Every time I visit a temple, quiet ones, all the sound around the temple feels so peaceful.  A bell rings in the wind and birds sing in the trees.
I hope you enjoy the peaceful moment with my drawing even if it’s short.



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Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse.


catandmouse-600 catandmouse

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Kiss Kiss!

When I was in Korea last winter, I hung out with my dog a lot.
I walked him almost everyday and if my parents were away, I spent the night at their house and kept company with my dog.
At that time, I went over to my parents’ house to have a lunch with my mom. Every day around 12:30 p.m, I arrived at my folks’ home and my dog became used to it.
According to my mom, around the time of my arrival, he sat down at the front of the door and stared at it. Then he got excited when he heard my footsteps.
Sometimes I wonder if he misses me from time to time and if he ever feels like he will see me around 12:30 p.m. Thinking about that makes me so sad. Even though he is our family dog and follows my mom everywhere, I was the one who picked him from a shelter. I think that’s why I’m so close to him.
In the picture, I was playing with him a few days before leaving Korea again. I pretended to kiss him and surprisingly he closed his eyes! It was so funny and I’m glad I captured it.
I can’t wait to visit Korea again and hang out with my dog!



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Quick Drawing

A man on a chair.



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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! 
Today I woke up earlier than him for almost the first time. 
Celebrating a good start to my day by drawing my boyfriend sleeping. :-D

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Self-portrait from a selfie

Self-portrait from a selfie.
I have a pretty young face for my age (I exaggerated a bit on the drawing though :P I’m frowning because I have a cold :’( )
I don’t see it when I look in a mirror but when I take a selfie, I can see why others are always surprised when they know my age.
In Korea, sometimes strangers ask what my grade is when I’m with my mom. Also 100% id check for purchasing alcohol even though I’m almost a decade older than the legal age for it.
Looking younger is good for girls most times. However, looking like a child is a whole different story.
Many times I’m treated as a kid by strangers such as in a store. They are not serious about me as a potential customer. In Korea which uses the honorific language for elderly, stranger, and store guests, many people don’t use the proper language to me.
Well, even though I have some frustrating moments with my appearance, I’m looking forward to enjoying my younger looking when I’m much older!
What is your complex for your appearance?
I hope everybody is happy with their looks!
Every single person has flaws and they are beautiful!!!!

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