Male Bonding

Male Bonding_sm

We have a couple of types of play with our highly active dog at home. One of his favorites is playing with our hands. I think it is similar to a dog’s bite game. For me, this is the most difficult game to play. I think he wants me to get rougher but I’m not good at it. And it hurts sometimes!

On the other hand, my husband is the master of this game. When they get into it, I usually walk away for other errands. When I come back, I often find them on the ground. Our dog snuggling in my husband’s arms. My husband calls it ‘male bonding’. I heard that in a father and son relationship. I guess it can be applied to a man-dog relationship too. When my husband comes back home, my dog tries to snuggle with him until we go to sleep. So definitely they are bonded.

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