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Project: 10 Year #83


Project: 10 Year



My eleven-year-old dog (now fourteen) was scared of everything.  He used to bark at everyone visiting the house who he didn’t know.  When I was living with him and my folks, I didn’t know how to train dogs.  I tried to stop him from barking but it never worked.

When my husband went over to my folk’s house for the first time, my dog was barking at his every movement.  I put my dog between my husband and me.  He was shivering so hard but about a half hour later, he stopped shivering and finally lay down and relaxed.

After that day, he never barked at my husband and my brother in law.

During training and when he was still scared of being close to my husband, I took a picture of the two.  My husband made a funny yet evil face.  My dog looked like he was pretending didn’t know about the evil behind him.
Around this time, Chungae stream (청계천) had colorful decorations.  I like these kinds of touches in cities.  If we don’t have them, cities would be so boring.

I’m planning to visit Korea later this year.  I can’t wait to see my dog.

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