Early Spring


It is still a bit chilly, but spring is definitely around the corner.   When I rode my bicycle to go grocery shopping last week, I saw plum tree flowers starting to bloom here and there around my neighborhood.  They look very similar to Sakura but they bloom in late winter through early spring.  Sometimes they bloom through cold snow.  Because of this, plum blossoms in Korea represent a scholar’s fidelity.   I am always sorry when the winter ends.  But I love watching baby leaves are coming out from naked trees and all the colorful flowers start to bloom in spring.  Summer comes, and it is my least favorite season.  If I do not experience the summer heat, I probably do not appreciate winter’s coldness fully.  So I am very much looking forward to next winter.

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Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate_Yellow_sm.png

I do not have a sweet tooth or craving for chocolate usually.  But sometimes, I crave this high Cacao content chocolate.  I love the thickness and bitterness of it.  I gave this to my husband and he did not know what was coming.  He had a hard time getting rid of the taste in his mouth.  It was so funny to watch him suffering from something that I enjoy.  XD

Do you like dark chocolate or you are all about the sweetness?

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Friendly Parrots



I saw these two parrots in Central Park Zoo a couple of years ago.  It was winter, and everything was pale with cold air.  These two parrots stood out with their colorful feathers.  They also look so friendly with each other.  It is always hard to represent nature’s color.  It is so bright and strong.  I think because it is so beautiful, people always wanted to express it in art for a long time.

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Project: 10 Year #28+1


Project: 10 Year



This was what I got for my husband on Christmas in 2009. At that time, I was learning how to weld in my sculpting class. I like physically challenging work so welding was very fun to me.

After I got the date to visit him and knew I will be there for Christmas too, I was thinking about the gift for him. Since I was a poor student, I couldn’t buy nice things for him. Having a talent for making things is very useful for this kind of situation.

I decided to make a big key with his name on it. I was not very good with detailed welding work yet, I could not make his name very sharp. But I made it’s tip extra sharp so it had a somewhat dangerous look to it.

He loved this key. He also amazed that I could weld. I promised to him that I will weld some small spots he wanted to fix on his old car when we go back to the U.S. Well, we have to see how that will turn out though.

Project: 10 Year #28


Project: 10 Year



It was Christmas day in 2009. I was visiting my husband in Japan. We woke up and went straight downstairs to open the presents. We prepared gifts for each other and we also got gifts from my parent’s in-laws.

After we opened all the presents, I took the ribbons from the boxes and put them on my head. I made a very cliché joke that I was the biggest gift for him. Even though I didn’t take a shower yet and my hair was a mess, he loved it and took pictures of me.

Later that night we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant near the base. I think we also watched Harry Potter late at night.

Christmas in Japan, around Tokyo, is almost never a white Christmas. I love snow so it is a bit of a downside about living here. But I remember I had a warm and happy Christmas with him in 2009.